What is School Bus Guard?
Release time:2017/8/20 11:46:50

EGL School Bus Guardian is the world's leading school bus video surveillance platform.

It is a video surveillance platform that guarantees student safety while ensuring the safety of school buses.

Each school bus is equipped with a school bus video surveillance system with GPS and a card reader.   When the student boards the bus he will tap his IC card (issued to him) that has embedded a radio frequency identification function on the card reader (POS Data Exchange reader) on the bus.   When the student taps his IC card on the reader, the student's record, time he board and alight from the bus, the route he took and where the bus stops and other  required information are recorded.


The solution is not only beneficial in providing students and parents the peace of mind when travelling on the bus, the solution's  vehicle safety monitoring and management system also provides the school bus operator  real-time vehicle status.  The system help prevent bus break-in ,  over-speeding,  out of route driving , and many other situations which may occur when driving.  With the camera system installed, drivers can view the inside and outside of the bus and bus drivers are more alert and aware when driving and providing a safe journet for students.


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