Safe Freight - Truck 3G 4G Car Video Surveillance Solution
Release time:2018/7/20 21:43:39
Safe Freight - Truck 3G 4G Car Video Surveillance Solution

Real-time dynamic monitoring of vehicles, personnel, environment and hazardous chemicals in the whole process of transportation; Provide decision support for operation route planning, resource allocation, economic analysis, etc.; Help enterprises to monitor the dynamics of hazardous chemicals vehicles To make up for the loopholes in management; to analyze the data of driving records, and to promptly issue alarms before the accident to ensure safety; after the accident occurs, it helps to quickly and accurately locate the cause of the accident. safety problem
In the event of a robbery or theft in a remote area, the driver will face a very dangerous situation if he is unable to get in touch with the outside world. It is very difficult to investigate and collect evidence afterwards.

2.Freight driver supervision problem
The quality of freight drivers is uneven. Some employees have stolen oil and stolen goods and sold them privately, causing great losses to the freight company.

3.Freight car video surveillance problem
Most of the on-board monitoring systems on the freight car only have the function of GPS positioning. Once an emergency situation occurs, it is impossible to quickly extract the surveillance video to lock the suspect.

The solution adopts mobile video surveillance technology, 3G 4G wireless communication transmission technology, harsh environment large-capacity data storage technology, GPS vehicle tracking technology, hybrid network transmission technology and GIS visualization operation technology to form a comprehensive monitoring and management system for accurate monitoring of all vehicles under supervision. platform.

On the one hand, the integrated monitoring and management platform collects real-time video information of all vehicles, and timely discovers improper and improper profit-making activities or passive absenteeism, investigates and collects evidence, disposes relevant personnel, provides visual basis for logistics vehicle command and dispatch decision, and improves efficient vehicle dispatching. The scientific and technological content of low-cost operation; on the other hand, the transportation information of all vehicles is collected, and scientific and reasonable data resources are provided for relevant business management systems through scientific means such as statistics, analysis and induction, so as to facilitate the improvement of related departments' business.

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